Employment of the domestic help

What is considered a fair hourly wage for a domestic helper in Austria?

The hourly wage for domestic helpers (incl. social security contributions) in Austria is between € 10 and € 22, with regional differences. The domestic helpers on Haushaltshilfe24 determine their hourly wage themselves based on their experience and qualifications - and they state this in their profi

Do I have to insure my domestic help against accidents?

Regular employmentYes, you must register your domestic help with the competent health insurance institution. This is obligatory in Austria. The most important facts about accident insurance in brief: it is compulsory in Austria for any employment in the household when you buy a service cheque,

Do I have to register my domestic help with the Austrian Health Insurance Fund?

Regular employment As long as the marginal earnings threshold (€ 485.85 per month) is not exceeded, you are not legally obliged to register your domestic help with the Austrian Health Insurance Fund. However, if the marginal earnings threshold is exceeded, you must register your cleaner with the

I am looking for cleaning help for my company. How do I hire them?

You can employ your domestic helper through normal employment in your company.

In which case may a domestic helper work on account?

If your domestic help is self-employed, you can remunerate the service rendered via an invoice and do not have to register your domestic help. In order to issue invoices, the cleaner must be visible on the market under her own name, on her own account and have a trade licence. Regular work for se

Are taxes due when employing the domestic helper?

If you employ only one person on a marginal basis with a wage of up to € 485.85 per month, no additional costs will be incurred.However, a tax (employer's levy) is due if you have more than one part-time employee and the monthly wage total (without special payments) of all marginally employed pe

Do I need a written work contract with the domestic help?

A written employment contract is not obligatory by law. However, it makes sense in any case to record all agreements made in writing, e.g. on the activities to be performed, the start of the employment relationship, wages, working hours and notice period.

Do I have to insure and bill a domestic helper even for a one-off assignment?

No, you do not have to register your domestic help for a one-off assignment. As far as insurance is concerned, there are two points you should consider: Your domestic help works on a self-employed basis and bills you. In this case, the domestic help is self-insured. The cleaner is paid on a marg

Can I deduct the costs for domestic help from my taxes?

As a private person, it is not possible to deduct the costs of a domestic helper for tax purposes. Self-employed persons, on the other hand, can claim cleaning costs in whole or in part as business expenses. This is provided that the work is done for the company, which must be clearly shown to the

What happens if the domestic help quits?

If your employed domestic helper wants to resign, ask for a written notice of termination for your records. When giving notice, the agreed or statutory notice periods must be observed. If you gave your domestic help keys or other materials at the beginning of the cleaning work, have them returned t

How do I terminate my household helper?

If you need to terminate the employment of your domestic help, as an employer in Austria who pays them through "Dienstleistungsschecks", it is important to follow the proper steps to ensure compliance with Austrian law and maintain a positive relationship with your employee. Here are the steps you s