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You create a free job offer to search for the right domestic help and describe what kind of help you need.
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Within a few hours you will receive applications from domestic helpers in your area. If you want to contact them, a small one-time fee is charged. After that you can write as many messages as you want.
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Once you have found a suitable domestic helper, the next step is legal employment. You can hire your domestic helper on a minor employment basis or on account.

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Over 60.000 registered domestic helpers all over Austria

Receive suitable applications from domestic helpers in your area within a few hours.

How does Haushaltshilfe24 work?
Affordable domestic helpers

You will easily find a helper that fits your budget and your needs.

How much does domestic help cost?
Transparent and fair

At Haushaltshilfe24, domestic helpers receive 100% of their hourly wage directly from their client – without any commission.

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Domestic helpers in all of Austria

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Choose from over 49.800 cleaners

Detailed profiles of cleaners with profile photos and verifications
First applications within 24 hours
Thousands of cleaning jobs placed since 2012
Fair wages for domestic helpers without agency fees

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