How does Haushaltshilfe24 work for domestic helpers?

What is Haushaltshilfe24 and how does it work?

Haushaltshilfe24 is a platform where employers and domestic helpers can find each other. We are the first and largest provider in Austria, which means that if you create a profile with us and present your service, you have the best chance of finding suitable jobs in your area. It works like a kind

Does Haushaltshilfe24 cost anything?

For private domestic helpers, the use of Haushaltshilfe24 is basically free of charge. Self-employed domestic helpers and cleaning companies use our platform for a fee. You can find all our conditions here: Conditions

Advantages of Haushaltshilfe24 compared to other providers?

We bring people togetherDay after day, we bring thousands of households and companies together with suitable cleaners in Austria. Fair payment for good workUnlike other providers such as cleaning agencies, we do not earn money on every hour worked. You determine your own wage based on your experien

How much do I earn per hour?

You can determine your own hourly wage based on your experience and qualifications. The domestic helpers on Haushaltshilfe24 charge around €10 to €22 per hour. The hourly wage varies depending on the region. That's why it's worth taking a look at the hourly wages of other domestic helpers in your ar

How much more do I earn compared to a cleaning company?

With a cleaning company, you earn on average approx. CHF 20 gross per hour. At Haushaltshilfe24, your salary is higher: on average, you can earn about CHF 28 gross per hour with us. The hourly wages of other domestic helpers in your region provide a good orientation.

Who determines the hourly wage of the domestic help?

You can determine your own hourly wage based on your experience and qualifications. It is best to orientate yourself on the hourly wages of domestic helpers in your region with similar experience and qualifications as you.

How does Haushaltshilfe24 ensure that the employers are trustworthy?

We proactively review the new profiles and they go through a multi-stage quality assurance process. In addition, we have a very reliable rating system - you can easily see the quality and trustworthiness of the domestic help from the ratings. In addition, in each profile you can see the response ra