Am I allowed to work on Sundays and public holidays?

In Austria, there are specific regulations regarding the work of household helpers on Sundays and public holidays. In general, work on Sundays and public holidays is prohibited, unless it involves urgent work such as emergencies or essential care services.

Good Friday, All Saints' Day, National Day of Mourning, and Totensonntag are statutory holidays throughout Austria, on which employees are not allowed to work. However, there may also be regional differences in the number of statutory holidays that can vary by federal state.

If a household helper has to work on a statutory holiday, they are entitled to a replacement rest day or additional payment. The exact conditions depend on the individual employment contract.

In summary, household helpers in Austria are not allowed to work on most Sundays and public holidays unless it involves urgent work. If they work on statutory holidays, they are entitled to replacement rest days or additional payment, depending on the agreed conditions.