How much can I earn with Haushaltshilfe24?

At Haushaltshilfe24 we believe that if you do a good job as a cleaner or domestic helper, you should be paid accordingly. That is why it is especially important to us that every domestic helper who finds a job with us is paid fairly. You can read here how this works and how much you can earn with us.

Earn up to 22 € per hour as a domestic helper


With us, you can earn between € 12 and € 22 per hour as a cleaner or domestic helper. This value can vary somewhat depending on the region. A good orientation is provided by the hourly wages of other housekeepers in your area. The average wage of all jobs is around € 14 per hour, which is well above the minimum wage. This means that you can find the best-paid cleaning jobs in your area on our platform.

This is how much domestic helpers currently earn on average with Haushaltshilfe24:

Average gross hourly wage
€ 12.80
€ 13.58
€ 14.01
€ 17.07
€ 15.40
€ 13.95
€ 13.81

You determine your own hourly wage


When you create your profile at Haushaltshilfe24, we will ask you for your desired hourly rate. You determine this yourself based on your experience and qualifications. It is best to orientate yourself on how much other domestic helpers in your region charge.

You keep 100% of your salary

Many placement platforms for cleaners earn up to 30% on every hour worked by the domestic help. With us it's different: whether you are a private or self-employed domestic helper - with us you don't pay any agency fees or commission. For you, this means that you receive your entire salary directly from your employer - without having to pass any of it on to us.


By the way

With us, you even earn more than if you worked for a cleaning company. There, the average hourly wage is only about € 10 gross per hour. With us you can earn an average of around € 14 gross per hour.

Your first step to the perfect job

Create a profile and search for suitable cleaning jobs in your area. On Haushaltshilfe24 you are guaranteed to find the perfect job as a domestic helper!