7 easy steps to get the right cleaning job

When it comes to cleaning and janitorial, you know what you're doing and have experience, but it's becoming increasingly difficult for you to draw attention to your service? We show you how to get more cleaning jobs in seven steps and use our platform for your acquisition.

Introduce yourself as a domestic cleaner


Creating an expressive profile on Haushaltshilfe24 is the first step. The most important components of a profile include a profile picture (or for your company a logo or a team photo), a description of the services offered and a personal introduction text. In this text, you should state whether you are a self-employed cleaner, a cleaner on a minor employment or a cleaning company. For employers it is helpful to know on which basis you would like to be paid.


Choosing the right hourly rate

You decide by yourself what hourly rate you want to get. Small tip: It is best to base your hourly rate on the hourly rates of other domestic cleaners in your region. This will keep you competitive. How much can I earn with Haushaltshilfe24?

Find cleaning jobs in your area


To find current cleaning jobs in your area, select the "I'm looking for a job" tab on Haushaltshilfe24 and enter your postal code. You can then narrow down or expand the hit list according to your wishes using the filter function. The more services you can offer, the more jobs will be displayed.

Save your search as default


You have a profile on Haushaltshilfe24 and want to save your search? Set all suitable filters and optimize the hit list. Then simply click on "Save this search as default". This saves the filters you set and automatically uses them for your future search requests. This makes it easier for you to find suitable jobs.

Every time a new suitable cleaning job is posted, we notify you by e-mail. This way you will never miss a suitable cleaning job in your area again.

Highlight your favourites


We recommend that you get an overview of existing cleaning jobs before you decide which job to go for. The favourites function helps you to compile a shortlist of the most suitable cleaning jobs. Go through the hit list of your saved search. Click on the heart in the job offer to add the job to your favourites list. You will find your favourites in your account under Favourites.

First contact


If a job offer meets your expectations, do not hesitate. Write to the client and mention specific offers such as "efficient and thorough work" and write on what basis you would like to be paid. Also list out what is included in each cleaning. This way a potential customer can get a better impression of your work.


Actually a matter of course: as a cleaner, always remain friendly and professional. It often makes sense to ask if you can call briefly to introduce yourself in an initial one-on-one meeting.

Be persistent


Clients often receive several applications. Therefore, it happens that one or the other message remains unanswered. Please ask again. If you do not receive an answer, do not give up, but simply apply for the next suitable cleaning job. If you receive a rejection, ask why. Maybe your arguments were not yet convincing enough or the price was too high?

In any case, it is worth adjusting your profile and keeping it always up to date.

Get positive reviews of your work


The final step: You have now completed the first cleaning job or already several jobs to the client's complete satisfaction? Then have your work evaluated. To do this, you can easily submit a rating request on Haushaltshilfe24.

Positive reviews create trust and give your profile more attention. Five stars are the best way to get more cleaning jobs. Therefore, be sure to use the possibility of external reviews as well. Send the rating link to two former customers and get feedback for your good work.

Get started as a cleaner

With Haushaltshilfe24, there's nothing standing in your way of becoming financially independent. Get started as a domestic cleaner today and sign up.